PDF Icon B1 – Guide for Handling, Installing, Restraining & Bracing Trusses
Offers job site handling and safety guide features proper techniques for unloading, storing, lifting, installing and bracing trusses.
PDF Icon B2 – Truss Installation and Temporary Restraint/Bracing
Provides step-by-step instructions for safe temporary bracing and truss installation.
PDF Icon B3 – Permanent Restraint/Bracing of Chords & Web Members
Explains how some web members must be braced or reinforced in the field.
PDF Icon B4 – Construction Loading
Outlines how trusses must not support loads from equipment or construction materials until the assembly is properly braced or sheathed.
PDF Icon B5 – Truss Damage, Jobsite Modifications & Installation Errors
Instructs how to report damages or alterations to the Truss Manufacturer in order to secure an approved Repair Truss Design Drawing.
PDF Icon B7 – Temporary & Permanent Restraint/Bracing for Parallel Chord Trusses
Includes bracing and installation guidelines for floor trusses manufactured with lumber in the 4×2 and 3×2 orientation.
PDF Icon B8 – Using Toe-Nailed Connections to Attach Trusses at Bearing Locations
Explains how much uplift resistance one can expect from toenails and options when toe-nailing is not enough.
PDF Icon B9 – Multi-Ply Girders
Outlines how to determine the proper number of plies, attachment methods, types of fasteners and standards of fastener installation.
PDF Icon B10 – Post Frame Truss Installation & Temporary Restraint/Bracing
Provides recommendations for handling, installing and temporary bracing of trusses in post-frame construction.
PDF Icon B11 – Fall Protection & Trusses
Outlines how to assess fall hazards and stresses that trusses are not designed to serve as fall protection anchorage.

Truss Information

PDF Icon Benefit of Trusses
PDF Icon Alpine Encyclopedia of Trusses
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