SCI Team

Before hiring anyone, Southern Components, Inc. must first be convinced of that individual’s personal drive, determination, and ability to learn the products thoroughly. So thoroughly, in fact that he/she can adapt product knowledge to new field situations as they occur. This intense training program pays off each time your sales representative meets some challenging new situation with enthusiasms and imagination.

No matter what your project size, our courteous staff will assist you in bringing your project within your construction budget. From our estimators to our truss technicians, our technical staff remains alert to each client’s individual needs.

Does this system work? Ask our customers, they think so.


Bob Ward2 Robert L. (Bob) Ward

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 109

Scott-Ward2 Scott Ward

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 106

Sales Team

Chris Giddens Chris Giddens
(Outside Sales)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 131

Darryl Hooper Darryl Hooper
(Sales Manager)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 105

Rob Sikes Rob Sikes
(Outside Sales)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 113

Design Team

Amber Hildebrand Amber Hildebrand

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 117

Brandon Parsley Brandon Parsley

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 114

Danny Griffin Danny Griffin
(Design Manager)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 129

Sean.Cook Sean Cook

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 103

Steve.Mahan Steve Mahan

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 126

Todd Greis Todd Greis
(Assistant Design Manager)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 118

Production Team

Eddie Cooper Eddie Cooper
(Production Foreman)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 107

Matt Kral Matthew Kral
(Plant Manager)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 102

Mike.Gray Mike Gray
(Safety & Maintenance)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 128

Seth Carter Seth Carter
(Production Manager)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 128

Steel Division

Jason Windham Jason Windham
(Sales/Design Manager)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 136

Julie Lear Julie Lear
(Production Manager)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 137

Michael Wayman Michael Wayman
(Senior Designer)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 139

Accounting Department

Amanda-LaRoux Amanda Lara
(Office Administrator)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 100

Melissa Ellingford Melissa Ellingford
(Accounting Assistant)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 142

Mickey Williams Mickey Williams

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 140

Estimating Department

Mack Rice Mack Rice
(Estimator/Inside Sales Rep)

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 115

Mark.Caldwell Mark Caldwell

(318) 687-3330 Ext. 116

Retired Employees

From Left to Right;   Jim Schmidt, Dieter Amidon, Bob Ward (owner), Dave Morris, Jimmie Brossette.

From Left to Right:
Jim Schmidt, Dieter Amidon, Bob Ward (owner), Dave Morris, Jimmie Brossette.